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XENOVA Features and Earnings

XENOVA Features and Earnings

Earnings Overview

Unique Features


Unlock the power of Xenoclaim and earn an additional ₦100 by participating in engaging activities, completing tasks, and unlocking achievements. Xenoclaim keeps you entertained while boosting your earnings.


Experience the thrill of Xenobet, XENOVA's exclusive betting feature. Engage in exciting betting opportunities across various categories, including sports, eSports, and entertainment events. Place your bets wisely and stand a chance to win big rewards.


Marketplace Image

Discover the XENOVA marketplace where you can buy or sell products and services. Explore a wide range of offerings and connect with a vibrant community. The marketplace provides a platform for seamless transactions and opportunities for growth.


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Participate in exciting contests and competitions to showcase your skills and win amazing rewards. Engage with fellow community members, unleash your creativity, and stand a chance to be recognized and rewarded for your talent.

Social Media Tasks

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Complete social media tasks to earn additional rewards and benefits. Share content, interact with the community, and contribute to the growth of XENOVA's online presence. Every task completed brings you closer to unlocking exciting opportunities.

Xeno VTU

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With Xeno VTU, you can conveniently recharge mobile phone airtime or data for yourself or others. Enjoy seamless and secure transactions, top-up your accounts in a few simple steps, and stay connected with your loved ones without any hassle.

Digital Courses

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Access a wide range of digital courses offered by XENOVA for educational and skill-building purposes. Enhance your knowledge, acquire new skills, and stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving world. Learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights to fuel your personal and professional growth.

Please note: The earnings and features mentioned above are provided for illustrative purposes only. It is recommended to verify the credibility and viability of the program before making any commitments or financial decisions.